S/V Rare Is a RJ85 28ft Costal cruiser from 1974.

It is Swedens most common self-built boat. at the time when it came you rented the mold and built the boat by yourself. A DIY lovers dream imo. 

I love the boat for several reasons, to name a few, low free board, long keel, keel made of lead and rather narrow with only 2.05 m beam. this boat sails pretty fast for its size with a speed of up to 7 – 8 knots sometimes even to 10. Last but not least, it has beautiful lines!

My project with this boat is to refit and make it modern, I want to push its limits from being a robust costal cruiser to become an ocean cruiser.  

Like Sven Yrvind says 

“A small boat means small problems, a big boat on the other hand means big problems”

I am confident that I can make 28ft convenient with all comfort aboard.