My art

"Tesla 160th Anniversery"100x80CM oil on canvas


Most of my art is made in these two colors

My brands

Mikazuki & Mikastamp

Mikazuki meaning “crescent moon” in Japanese. It appears on the third day in the moon’s monthly cycle. Just like the moon appearing from from an empty night sky canvas  so does art with an artist starting on an empty canvas. It is a process with a beginning and an end, then starts anew. Mikazuki is a brand letting the bearer be the mediator by drawing their own art. 

Mikastamp on the other hand is authentic art in the size of a stamp that can be attached to ones valuables giving it identity through the uniqueness of authentic art. 

Designed and produced by me in my atelier north of Stockholm, Sweden

My boat

S/V Rare, an RJ85 28ft Costal cruiser

It is Swedens most common self-built boat. at the time when it was built in 1974 you rented the mold and built the boat by yourself. A DIY lovers dream imo. 

My project with this boat is to refit and make it modern, I want to push its limits from being a robust costal cruiser to become an ocean cruiser.  

Like Sven Yrvind says 

“A small boat means small problems, a big boat on the other hand means big problems”

Yrvind made it in 19ft, I am confident that I can make 28ft convenient with all comfort aboard.